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Fawad Khan + being a cutie

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"I met her when I was 17. I met her through chatting online, with noisy dial-up modems. She was in the girls’ branch of my school which was famous for all the pretty girls studying there. We thereafter met at our tuition classes and I, being quite a traditionalist, proposed to her within a week of my meeting her. She went into a university and I could not get admission there. And in fact, I feel that one of the main reasons for me not to get grades in college was that I spent half the years of my college years in her college, so much so that her chaukidars thought I was from her college. Post college, we got married. She has recently started her own clothing line called ‘Silk by Fawad Khan’ that is doing pretty well and I take pride in her work.” - Fawad Khan

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"I Wish I Had A Visa To Go To Patiala To See My Father’s Birthplace" - Fawad Khan

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chand mubharakh

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"What Lifts Up Your Mood?"

"Good Music"

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Sawan Aaya Hai BY Arijit Singh

Sawan Aaya Hai - Creature 3D (2014)

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I’m Assuming Role of A Prince in this Film,Rajasthani Prince.It’s the Character Quality and Pretty Much the Outfits are Reflecting.It Does Speak Classic But In a Very Modern Contemporary way.

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