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Hey! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! FAWAD, ZGH AND BI! HEAVEN! I had a little question to ask you, just ur opinion, that do you like Preetika? Why? And do you ship her with Harshad? Why? Sorry for the exam style question, just wanted to know your opinion!

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Thank You So Much <3

Yes,I Like Preetika.She is Beautiful and Talented.She has A Potential to Perform Better.She Nails Some scenes Though.What I Like Most About Her is that Inspite of Show Becoming a Hit,she Hasn’t changed.She is Still the same Girl with a Beautiful Smile on Her Face And Very Down to Earth.Also She Don’t Give Damn to Media who calls Her Tantrum Queen,Because She Don’t Give Bytes to them.She  Also has Point in her Defense that Media is 24/7 on the Sets and Leaks Important Twists and Turns of the Story which makes Viewers Less Interesting/Excting to watch Because they Know What’s Gonna Happen.

I Shipped Her with Harshad Because During Starting Months of the Show,They were Really Going Well.During Interviews You Can Clearly See From His Eyes Admiration for Her.He Used to Stare Her Quite Everytime and Preetika Used to Laugh and Blush Even at Small Things He Said.They Were Perfect for Each Other.

But After Few Months,They Started Giving Interviews Separately.There was no Charm Between them Like Earlier.They Stopped Tweeting Photos Together and Tagging Each Other.There are Many things that Changed Between them.They were Not same Harshika whom I Started Shipping and Waited for a Single Harshika Moment in Interviews.

So,I Stopped Shipping them that’s What I Can Do.

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Hey :) I'm 17. And I'm sorry if this is weird, but since a lot of people stopped watching beintehaa and there is no discussion anymore, I wanted to ask you to talk to you (because i think you still watch beintehaa) about he latest episodes :) what do you think? :) - sunny

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I’m Sorry I Can’t Help You B’cause I Myself have Stopped Watching the Show.

Show Has Lost It’s Charm Ever Since Barkat Track.After that Track,It was Good to watch But Things Got Messed Up During Rizwaan-Ayat-Gauhar Track,Everyone Blaming Aliya Even Zain and Stupid Reason of Suraiya’s Hate Towards Aaliya.

Since Then I Haven’t Watched the Show though I Love Zaya.I Wish Makers Wouldn’t Have Destroyed Show beyond Repair.

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Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao Gr8 Magazine Photoshoot

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Fawad Khan + being a cutie

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"I met her when I was 17. I met her through chatting online, with noisy dial-up modems. She was in the girls’ branch of my school which was famous for all the pretty girls studying there. We thereafter met at our tuition classes and I, being quite a traditionalist, proposed to her within a week of my meeting her. She went into a university and I could not get admission there. And in fact, I feel that one of the main reasons for me not to get grades in college was that I spent half the years of my college years in her college, so much so that her chaukidars thought I was from her college. Post college, we got married. She has recently started her own clothing line called ‘Silk by Fawad Khan’ that is doing pretty well and I take pride in her work.” - Fawad Khan

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"I Wish I Had A Visa To Go To Patiala To See My Father’s Birthplace" - Fawad Khan

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